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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday Morning Radio

KILLS me. Sunday morning radio just kills me.

My husband, the Chunk, went out and bought a new car in 2007. He bought a 2008 Chevy Aveo, WITHOUT telling me he was going out and buying a new car, and THEN, to boot, he went down the cheapest road possible, and left out the power windows/locks (which I'm fine with THAT), the A/C; it's a stick shift to make it even cheaper, but then? Oh, yeah. There's a radio. That's IT. A brand new 2008 vehicle, and it didn't even come with a damn cassette player. Yeah, he went THERE.

See. It's not that we don't own Mp3 devices, full of wonderful music to fill our fuzzy ears when we hit up the local chinese buffet. It's the fact that we no longer own one of those "radio/mp3 player sync-y thingies" that allow you to listen to said player in the car. So I've been relying on the radio to get me by until we get one of those "thingies". And if you know me, you KNOW I hate the radio. Most of the time, I can get by on Top 40 radio. My kids dig the catchy pop songs, and I don't want to throw myself out of the moving car... too much.

Then we get to Sunday morning.

It's not a long drive to work on Sunday morning, only about 20 minutes. (Ok. I realize this is long for some of you. Lucky bastards.) Do you have ANY idea what's on the radio at 7am on a Sunday morning???


Church radio. Garden radio. Tech nerd radio, and not even the cool tech nerd talk, but the kind of talk about microsoft things, and gigabytes this and macro______ that. If I chance upon some music, it's country, and to put it nicely, I'm not a fan. So I spend every Sunday morning, pushing buttons, scanning the stations, hoping I'll come across just ONE song that could make my 20 minute drive ANY better.

I hear there is polka radio on Sunday mornings on the Akron University station. Not when I'm driving.

I hear there's a good oldies station that plays a ton of 60's rock on Sunday mornings. Oh, I found it, alright. Jimi Hendrix sounded like he was singing from the other side, and it scared me.

There was nothing.

Then..... then I heard.... drums. A guitar! Oh! I think I finally found something!

Maroon 5.

I might as well have just ended it all this morning. It's a cruel world.

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