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Monday, January 2, 2012

My Failures as a Mother are not!

Well. Here we are. The second day of 2012. So far, so good. Of course, we're only two days in. ANYTHING could happen at this point.

They say the world will end this year. If so, I guess I'm happy to say I completed most of what I wanted to do in my life. Own a house, go back to school (kinda), and have two potty trained kids.

What WHAT?

Yeah. I said it. TWO potty trained kids. One week, Ness is kicking and screaming on the toilet seat, because he's "too scared"! The next week, we take away his Nintendo DS, his Mario Kart AND his cartoons, and tell him "no more of anything until YOU use the potty".

One hour later? That kid peed in the damn toilet. I was taking a nap. He did it for the Chunk. It's a miracle! And since then, not one accident, he's been dry through every night, and it's been hella awesome.

As of right now, while I type this, he's sitting on the floor of the living room, playing his Mario Kart, and living the dream. I am prepping myself to finish off putting away christmas stuff, getting this house cleaned up, and finally finishing the load of whites clothes. I guess I'm racist, I saved the whites for last. :/

Wash ALL the clothes! Not just coloreds.

So here I am. I've decided that it's about time I start getting back in shape. I know, EVERYONE says that at the beginning of a new year, but there are times when I look back and think "whoa, I used to look like this" :

And somehow, I ended up like this??

I look like I'm ready to eat the whole damn buffet.

Ok. I realize I'm only 30 pounds overweight. Yeah, I said ONLY. There are a lot more people and friends who are more, and they probably look at this and laugh. "Girl, you SO skinny!"

No no no no.

See, I feel horrible. Not so much self esteem-wise, although it doesn't help it at all. I feel horrible, health wise. My stomach bothers me, my heartburn is at an all time high, and I just feel sluggish and miserable every day. I tried ViSalus last year, and lost 15 lbs in a month. I wasn't even working out, or I probably would have lost a ton more. So I've decided to hit the ViSalus train again, and work out along with it. I've been doing a bit of working out here and there, but nothing too serious. I need to take that shit seriously again.
I'll tell you what else helps.
That helped me out a ton, and it's free! Someone jump on this bandwagon with me? Let's lose some weight together! Or something.

So now, before I head downstairs to drag up the boxes marked xmas, I will eat a big ole' salad, full of healthy ... things, and then I will work my ass off all day.

But before then? I'm... gonna sit and relax just a little more. This is the first day since winter break has started, that the kids haven't been sick, and I haven't had to wait on them every single second. I am completely worn out. Snot has become me.

I promise I'll write sooner. The holidays and sick kids kept me uber busy.

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