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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I think I survived 2011... I think.

What a year. We've done much, said much, ate TOO much, and exercised not enough.
While it's not yet the end of the year, it IS my first blog since 2008, and that's a HUGE deal. Hopefully I remember how to do this, and I don't screw it up like I did my second child. (He's a hot mess, but he's adorable, so this makes up for it. But really! He's smart! He's just....)
Things we did in 2011!
We went on an amazing beach vacation to Emerald Isle, NC. It was beautiful, awesome, the house we rented was GREAT, and ridiculously cheap for the location. We had the ocean in our backyard! Too bad 3 people drowned that week right in that area, and we didn't do too much swimming. The water, it was rough. It was still great though, and I've decided that Beaufort, NC is going to be my future home. They have this thing for pirates, and have Pirate Weekends every summer! This could be the start of an amazing relationship!
The chuds at the beach. As you can see,
Ness is about to get all ninja on that sand's ass.
Things we did in 2011, #2!
We bought a house. It was ridiculous. It was a ridiculous process made even MORE ridiculous by my ridiculous stress/paranoia/anxiety/constant hunger. It took almost 2 months, but by the time we were done, we were proud homeowners. I can't lie, it's a pretty amazing feeling. I didn't think it would ever happen, at least not anytime soon, so finding this house was like finding a straight edge prostitute. IT JUST DOESN'T HAPPEN. Soon after moving in, we watched our fridge die, and our kitchen pipes take a shit on us. We're ok now, and our "used but like new" fridge is working like a champ. So thanks, hillbilly dude who sold it to us, and promised us a good deal if we paid cash. Thanks a TON. :)
Things we did in 2011, #3!
Chlo started kindergarten! She turned 5 in July, which meant only one thing. SCHOOL. Not the sissy kid school, where they learn how to stack blocks and not pee in their pants. We're talking hardcore school, where you learn LETTERS. And NUMBERS. Maybe even some MATH. She's even learning about compound words, and her teacher said (and I quote!) "She just blows me away with her small motor skills! And how smart she is! I just wonder how much she has stowed away in that little head of hers!". I often wonder that myself, usually after I catch her drawing on our "used but like new" fridge with an ink pen.
Really, I should be asking her brother this.
Ness is 3. He refuses to potty train, but can kick just about anyone's ass at any video game. He takes after his dad.
Things that happened in 2011, #4!
I just don't KNOW! Even though it seems like I didn't do much this year, really, there was a ton of stuff we did. We had fun, we grew (at least my waist did), we learned, we did... stuff. It was all in all a pretty awesome year. We have a great set of animals living with us, a new kitty, a new dog, a new tortoise and a new iguana. Wow, that was a mouthful. Kopurnikus is our siamese, he's fat and I love him with all my little catlady heart that I didn't even KNOW that I had, Maebe is our little rat terrier; I brought her from a family; and I think she's had bad experiences with men, because she just doesn't like them at all, Rocky is our new baby red footed tortoise, and Diane is our bitch iguana. She's just a bitch.
I'm done with this post for my new blog. I mean, I don't have a lot to say tonight, I just wanted to try out my new blog. I'll hopefully have new posts soon, with more interesting things to say. Now is the time for me to put my chuds to bed, enjoy some quiet time and eat halloween candy, and relax with my bottle of tums. So to all a goodnight. Or whatever. Till next time!

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